Ferris is a one-man company and I make all the possible to keep your data safe, however remember that lots of web companies have had data breaches and nothing is 100% sure.

The business model (the-clients-are-the-users) facilitates data security and as long as I'll be running these services:

The mobile apps collect

The website collects

Third parties

In order to deliver Ferris experience I rely on some external providers:

Cooperation with law enforcement:

I may disclose information about you to government or law enforcement officials in order to satisfy subpoenas, court orders, or other governmental requests. I also make sure users know if and when their personal data is subject to such a request except when I'm specifically prohibited from doing so.


If there is a privacy breach, I promise to disclose it as soon as possible on the site blog.If you spot a privacy leak, please report it discreetly to

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