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Today I'm launching Ferris, an indie social tool to plan activities with your closest friends.

It's June 2022. It's hard to believe I had the idea for Ferris 10 years ago. At that point in time I was sure this was such an evident idea that it was question of months for someone to release it, so I just draw some sketches and put the concept in a corner of my mind.

Years went through and I never saw the idea released. In 2018 (sketch in pic) I decided to built this app, in part because I wanted to know more about mobile development and in part because even as an introvert who had abandoned social media, I still need meaningful social interaction.

Between 2018 and now there have been a disenchantement from social media for all its vices, "doomscrolling" entered in our vocabulary, the pandemic with its quarantine arrived and a thirst for real life interactions appeared.

That context makes the terrain ripe for an app like Ferris. I hope you give it a try, I hope you find it useful even with the shortcomings of being a one-man-side-project and that it makes your life better (just a little bit).

Thursday, June 16, 2022
Roberto Martinez

A new kind of social network is here.
Ferris is a mobile app to plan real life activities with your closest friends.

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