Why I built Ferris

Ferris is an app to meet with your friends, more often, in real life.


We live in a superconnected era and try to connect via social media, but screen interactions are not as satisfactory as real life ones, and some of them are borderline dystopian. Also, the business model of most apps is based on clicks and ads that incentivize compulsive use and data selling.


I want to fix that with an app that is a tool and not an attention grabber, where you're the client and the business goals are aligned with you, and where interactions make you feel better in a heatlhy way and not in an addictive one.

Business Model

Free plan and paid plan.


Transparency. I'm making an app I could be proud of, the are no shady practices, no dark design patterns, no data selling and I'll be as open as I can.

Independence. This is a one man show as a side project that I'm bootstrapping, I have no investors to keep happy. I have a vision to fulfill.


Roberto Martinez.

A new kind of social network is here.
Ferris is a mobile app to plan real life activities with your closest friends.

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